Monday, August 23, 2010


All dramas of humans
end in one stage
in climax or in anticlimax
and when I stand and watch
the rhythm in which stages
formed for participants to perform
I wonder for whom this show meant for
Is it designed to show me in specific
or for my earth to reciprocate
And in prestigious flag post
When I find flags not prestigious
I wonder for whom this dramatic show
is it to show me in specific
or to show my ocean how big
a river is
Yes I am going to explode

Until my anger subsides
for all the dramas you staged
around this earth for to swallow
on like a fire ball
Until then watch this earth through
sting fences from behind
as I know you move not
even after I lock away my fences.
pay in liberal terms to ink marks
to publicize money lending
I remember to watch all shows
for your satisfaction
to make you feel that you won
a nomination for best performance.

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