Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Let me tell you
I don’t like you looking at me
through my back door
I hate it
I hate your third eye
I hate it
When I wake up in a fresh dawn
I don’t like you there
Staring at me
When I speak
I hate you hearing it
When I write or read
I hate you seeing
I hate the very mean look of you
I hate even to think
that I have known about you
I hate even to think
that I called some one mean
a friend
And you stinger,
traitor, betrayer
Why don’t you Go with that third eye
I hate that hanging above me
And I hate to even remember
about you and remind you about it
and I know there is an eye
beyond third eyes
watch you and there you can not
play your secret games
or install third eyes
Go for ever from the vicinity
of my words and my world…

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