Saturday, August 28, 2010


I transported my life
from a tiny village
to a hill town there my earth
rolled in heights far from
my dreamy seashores
History I learnt from school books
and in optionals
there I worried not
about historical events
in exclamations
as I studied breakthroughs
to merely score marks
But I feel a kind of pain growing
in me now when I read
about Raja of Sandur
and triangles on which brains
mine earth in fragments
for treasures hidden
and in genuine terms
Niyamgiri shows 
Dongria Kondh
Honestly like in any major
towns I know less about
exploited tribes where an India
exists away from the painted,
decorated India and even in that
painted decorated one I see a lot
in hunger and when I stand
away from seas
on one part of this earth
where pain is a layer
a layer people cover on paints
to think less about
the less fortunate
otherwise too
we are divided on fragments
from sea shores to sea shores
from tribes to tribals
mines to mountains….

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