Friday, September 10, 2010


Yes it is true
I thought that river would unplug
its hidden rear streams from my earthen
plateaus on the day it formed a base
and structure
far far away from the memory shores
of my south east ocean
but to my surprise
I find the same river
flowing down towards past
behind my earth
down from hills to the streams
I don't know


  1. That river of Pretence wants to finish you in provocation to add more glow to its new stream. That s a plain mask with no refinement inside and what you see outside there is mere outer glow. There no light inside. Now flowing in centre new stage with an oscar winning performance. You can expect a lot more dramas from that river. And honestly I can tell you that is river of adhesive, super glue, thick gum will not move away from earth. Stuck...
    Take care of your earth and ocean from all love pretenders.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. River of adhesive that is fine with the characterstics of that river. I rename-ThirdEyeRiver from Flagpost. I liked that term. I am sure that river will not unplug its third eye.STUCK. Attachment to once upon a love or HATRED.. That is a river flows on conspiracies.