Saturday, September 18, 2010


I know you want to go on flower roads of spring
and on your way I know
you want to throw a few branches
of thorn plants towards my ocean shores
as morse codes of revenge
Let me tell you
my earth has no time to walk
in your planetarium of thorns as a victim
or to be a convict in your museum of love
where you display
past, present and many futures, fortunes
in glass cases like a God of Planets
That game you played
Not once; several times
In adhesive tape bands
I don’t want to bind my earth
as a tied up fragment
there I prefer not add on ads
to glorify your reflection
or to glorify my fragment of earth
as I know you more
than what you know about me
and my heart is such that
it runs on a fluid called blood
and that flows not on your
knotted  brain maps.....

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