Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I know how to begin
and finish a word in blood
on my finger tips straight
from my heart’s chambers,
from my bloodstreams
not like a silent timid lake
Yes, I know that tactic
oh! the well behaved
your tactic
to nail speech in one coffin

of provocations
to portrait your frames
in images gold
and it is not the first day
of the year, if you remember
it is in third year we run
on which I transformed
from my ignorance to see
world in flagposts
In squares, in arithmetical
wild proportions
Oh the well behaved
Timid silent lake
you exchanged
your conscience
on barter table
your choice- a blunder
And stop performing stage shows
atleast for the sake
of those stars you once held
near your Flagpost

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