Monday, May 3, 2010

Gratitude! a word I cherish,
my question marks to destiny
an outgrown phrase book
Even when my soul cries
I carry this word gratitude
on my shoulders not as a burden
but as one priceless treasure
I owe that to many…
and those negative desert storms
And time, I owe the most
Apolitical I must say
Indu-moon the first clue
Mirrored on double edge
That showed me the first satellite
of planet earth
It mattered, I know
but where this clueless one
Crisscrossed …
From a world beyond planets
beyond cosmic oceans
and in countless pages
I rewrite past
each day brings a fraction,
a reminder for me to find
Signets of present


  1. 只用微笑說話的人,才能擔當重任。........................................

  2. Yun Heng
    it takes a lot of time to translate your chinese. Pls go to google tranlslator. I don't understand a word in your comments.

  3. Yun Heng
    I don't understand a word of your chinese. A lot of time I need to translate and understand. Ps go to google translator and give your comments in english.