Monday, October 11, 2010


It is my breath I place in one sea
or a sea conquers me
which has seen seasons, eras
and while i walk on that same sea
with no shields or swords
I write not words of love
in alphabets of hate as you do……..

1 comment:

  1. Sisi,
    Did you see those blogs next to you placed by incarnations of Hitler or Jesus ( God knows for sure you can fool thousands of people but you can not fool God). 'My First Dictionary and Some Journal’. He loves you he is fully insured (what a joke). In My first Dictionary LQn offers a candy and see her dialogue from creative baffons.. what a low class. Loot money from a league and become a queen and question them they call you names. That P writer says she got royalty to do thamasha in India. Let her do thamasha with her five or six creations. What she writes too is thamasha... . Laugh it aside.

    'Even I write not words of love in alphabets of hate. I write facts not thamasha.'