Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Have you seen at any point of time on this earth
a cluster that only can see a sunrise in horizon
and a season blossoms only for a giant mountain
And there no rain showers from the infinite sky
for a narrow ridge or for a lake that remains in silence forever
And when in ink marks a few ignorant ones draw lines
to prove a class privileged exist beyond supreme almighty
you see where you stand on that restricted rostrum.
When you see a river negotiating its flaws
on inner whirls and curls how can it claim a class
above a tiny stream or one ocean
and beneath the under currents, which esteemed self
you want to lift from the ladder to the sky roof to heaven’s door
and near the dividing lines you find all clusters stumble,
bow down very close to that sanctum supreme
where you find no place to draw a line on ink marks
to specify your class esteem…

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